Fabiola of Hollywood

Fabiola of Hollywood was a fashion model and dancer who rose to major sex symbol status during the 1950’s and 1960s. Oozing with sparkling glamour, Fabiola was known for shocking Hollywood society with her slinky over-the-top style and daring plunging necklines.

The “Boriqua Bombshell”, born Fabiola Ines Casiano in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, skyrocketed to fame when her sizzling rendition of the cha-cha dazzled the crowd at the 1955 Fiesta Festiva in her hometown. The newly crowned “Muñeca Bailarina” caught the eye of infamous designer and playboy, Cedrick of Hollywood, who immediately whisked her to L.A. - Pan Am, first class of course - to make her the exclusive face (and body) of his brand. The newly monikered “Fabiola of Hollywood” modeled lavish gowns and lingerie by day and partied at Hollywood’s most glamorous clubs by night.  

Fabiola suddenly had it all. Men wanted her, and women (and some men) wanted to be her.

Her wicked wit made her a mainstay on the international party circuit. She was last seen on a yacht off the coast of Monte Carlo sometime in the 1970’s before mysteriously disappearing from the public eye forever. Was this self-imposed exile? No one knows since her more recent sightings could never be confirmed.

~ Fabiola’s archivist

 Fabiola, Forever fashionable. Forever fabulosa!